At Fruit Stop we offer a lot more than fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh herbs, sundries, speciality oils, dried fruits & nuts, yoghurt, baked goods, dried beans, pasta, spices, deli and cheeses are just a few from our wide variety.

Fill up with with purified water at our Gezina and Wonderboom branches

Braai on the weekend?
Visit our butchery in Silverton for the finest cuts you can find!

Keep your furry friends happy with our selection of pet food

Treat yourself with our soft-serve ice-cream, available in our restaurant! Too cold for ice-cream? Grab a coffee instead!

And other groceries available in store!

See what’s on special in stores with our specials brochure!

Try one of our mouth-watering meals

Whether it’s burgers & fries, pap & wors, chicken & salad or pregos, you know our talented chefs will delight you with a tasty bite.
The restaurant also serves soft ice cream, tea and coffee.

*Currently, only our Gezina and Silverton branches have a restaurant.
Wonderboom does have a coffee machine for our coffee lovers!